3D design / Mall-y APP for GeniusMatcher

And so on... Here are some renders of the Shopping Mall I made for Genius Matcher on the upcoming APP MALL-Y this is looking nice, or? We will, we will, rock you!

Baked scene, optimized on minimum numbers of maps, looking like that.

Updates... Augmented Reality Car

I am updating my blog after a while. I had to pause my scans for a very good reason, I job I got on February, and now comes some time to publish things I have made.

Here the Mercedes I made at ElipseAD an augmented reality company.

This model is completely baked, so this model renders like this in realtime at any engine. We managed to use as less maps as possible thinking about APP/mobile display, to make it look nice and fast we kept performance high using few resources, so we didn't used any realtime lights but It looks like that,