Vi, the Piltover enforcer before the incident. I liked this character so much I made a zbrush.
"Vi's attitude changed when a raid on a mining facility went bad. She was forced to decide between fleeing with her crew and trying to save the innocent mine workers from a collapsed tunnel"

Vi is a character from League of Legends and I got the concept art by Zeronis, who make amazing stuff.

Vi the thief

I wanted to make this character from League of Legends, she has an interesting story, but I developed she before she had the incident where whe got the iron fists. I still want to pose this character and develop more a bit, hope you like it

this is the concept art from Zeronis at deviantart

Textured Utopia

This is the result of texturing the base mesh you can see at the left. The purpose is to have ready a mesh wich can be deformed any way to generate a new female character.Using some Topology with minimun problems, taking care of anatomy deformations based on muscles or body-fat.

Hope you like it!

(no scans were used with this model)

Female base mesh: Utopia

I got some feedback about having more organic modelling on my portfolio, I decided to upgrade my base mesh for female characters and I made the retopology based on anatomy, I am glad with the experience I had all these years with faces and scanning, it took me a short time to make a good face.

This is just zbrush preview, Render is coming...

3D illustration - Odontological view of the mouth

Here is the full view of the mouth, quadrants, single pieces and position at the mouth.Rendered in Maya and photoshop.The pieces were scanned, retopped and resculpted in some cases. The position was given with the skull scan.

3D X-ray scanned skull - reconstruction

Job I made with David Cano for medical visualization. We got X-ray 3D data and we remade it into this 3D skull.

Selfportrait - Finished 3D scan

This is what I am able to do with scans and a nice desktop.
Now I am giving some final touches. The idea is to create a "Character selection" image, now its time for some UI design

3D design / Mall-y APP for GeniusMatcher

And so on... Here are some renders of the Shopping Mall I made for Genius Matcher on the upcoming APP MALL-Y this is looking nice, or? We will, we will, rock you!

Baked scene, optimized on minimum numbers of maps, looking like that.

Updates... Augmented Reality Car

I am updating my blog after a while. I had to pause my scans for a very good reason, I job I got on February, and now comes some time to publish things I have made.

Here the Mercedes I made at ElipseAD an augmented reality company.

This model is completely baked, so this model renders like this in realtime at any engine. We managed to use as less maps as possible thinking about APP/mobile display, to make it look nice and fast we kept performance high using few resources, so we didn't used any realtime lights but It looks like that,

Second attempt - selfportrait

I paused the last Scan of Paloma and now I am re-making the selfportrait I started, changing the texture now  I have nice resolution photos... still on Zbrush, It looks fine at the moment, I just started half an hour ago.

Paloma Scan WIP

WIP of the Scan I made of Paloma, still doing some photoshop retouch, Model without hair and withouth body sculpt. Update soon

About living trolls some years ago

I had a lot of fun five years ago taking these pictures with my friend Laura. Just ignore my sponsor...