The good thing about having 3D is you are able to change everything you have on screen, you can animate, you can make transformations. Is it better like that?

Future Esther

This is how I developed the scan. Transfered into Maya and rendered after making some hair, armor, etc.

Esther portrait - Kinect Scan

3D scan with kinect, this is how it looks at the moment, It was processed and it has retopo, but I had to attack new ears. I am working on it...

3D scanning

A sample of the work I am doing at the moment, low budget 3D scanning. I have a lot of work to do at the moment, but that's a good sign

Orbit Cucurbit

Here another game I made in 8 hours, I pretend to show what happens into a digestive system of a giant cartoon squid when it eats vegetables and meat. Reference to Hamusutaman. Made in Blender BGE

Magic Panic

October Mini Game Jam at co.up with the Berlin Game developers - Videogame made in 8 Hours with Blender into BGE - The words this Jam were, Panic, No turn Back and Trapping Enemies Here the file in .blend JUST for Blender 2.49a, It will not work correctly with Blender newer versions because of the LPO curves. ENJOY! The game is for free, of course, but if you want to share it, dont forget to mention me :P
People who know my work know what this is about, We released a Videogame Today. Our little crazy game about a hamster man throwing vegetables to a giant Squid. Full of energy of Hamusuta Team, I was the Manager/director behind it, and It was amazing, all the talent invested on it, just great! Hamusuta-Man - Download it for free today!

Berlin Mini Jam

I have been developing Hamusutaman for some time. This post is to show what I have made at the Mini Jam here in Berlin. Here is the result of these 8 hours, Blender and the BGE. There are also available the files on a dropbox folder, you can ask me for it. 


Selfportrait part 3

  Slight changes 23 Jun 12

 14 Jun 12

  Fixing the eyes 

 Early scan 12 Jun 12

Selfportrait part 2 continue

The material is just for preview... I modelled the hair, but now I have to work with this texture, it is not as uniform as I want


Update 31 May Created base mesh with UVs of the hair
Sketching different hair and creating preview material Update 29 May
Its long time since I had the corrected mesh of my face scan, just I never had enought free time to continue

Continue... ? 9, 8, 7, 6...

This is what I found when I was cleaning the computer, just another work for the master wich I finished, but this time I was trying to set a fast SSS to see if I want to continue with it.

Showreel 2012 Alfonso Monton

And Double post! I wanted to add this new one with fresh stuff, but I cannot wait other day and make the blog regular with some regular traffic, I am quite busy with Hamusutaman at the moment. Check it! Comments are appreciated.

Hamusutaman strikes again

I never get tired of this great Image made from Juan Garcia You have to check the game here: and follow us Here: