This is Just the beginning

This is after.. months of work with my colleague David Cano the result of the firsts final renders wich are going to be used into the project we are working for.

We expected to post much earlier, but this is life... when client see is going to be very well made, wants to continue with you until the end of the days... this project lasted more than expected, it´s just the beginning.

But my people know I am studying german and 3Dmax these days... and they know what does it mean.

War Platypus

This is the War Platypus, Char design by Juan García
I tried to make a Platypus wich could be integrated into Metal Slug Games, so I used the same color Palette and studied the colour of Metal Slug scenes

Hope you like it :)

Run Olanigan RUN!

This is the gif I have been making on free time these two last weeks. At same time I am still working into the Odontologic 3D simulator and the last day we´ve got two scans: one from our model face and other from our model skull - Both are amazing quality. I will show as soon as I can.

The background is "inspired" on Paul Robertson´s Gifs. I hope he does not mind, He is my inspiration into these pixel art pieces I am making