Hair crashes

Next to the final, when I made the hair system, then making some test, saving... The next day I changed some things of the hair and when I saved the scene I couldn´t open the file, this happens when I add some more follicles, when I change the rest position curves, if I change into maya renderer, (when I press any key of the computer). So I am thinking about getting back to the original concept and model the helmet or mayb I should continue with the hair of the character withouth any changes?

I desired It to be like this (see image above), but this version also crashed :(

So much time invested into this char...

A videogame in few logic bricks

With this title my tutorial about Trolechaun is published into Blender Art Magazine! you can find the tutorial into these pages and understand a little bit more about the structure of the videogame Trolechaun.
Con este título mi tutorial sobre Trolechaun es publicado en Blender Art Magazine! Puedes encontrar el tutorial que he hecho en esas páginas y entender un poco más acerca de la estructura del videojuego Trolechaun.

I´ve got published, and I am really pleased to BlenderArtMagz and the team of Barcelona!
Me han publicado y estoy agradecido a BlenderArtMagz y el equipo de Barcelona!

You can download the number 32 of BlenderArtMagazine here
Puedes descargar ya el número 32! aquí

O verla Online en español aquí

Cuadruped Rigged

Today I finished the Rigging of the horse, We have learnt the "Broken hierarchy rigging method" and also we used the reverse lock, you can find it with DT tutorials, we made it at the master degree to learn how to use them into our rigging workflow.

Now I have: Aracnid, Biped, Quadruped, Blend Shape ready to basic-RIG showreel.
also we learnt about hair this week but I was quite busy with the Horse.


This is one test playblast from the lipsync in Maya, sound and lips match but I had problems with QuickTime player with those, uploaded on youtube works perfectly

Enjoy the famous Miliki voice with my scan blendshapes and HeadRig, no texture