Meanwhile... Retopo

Next work while I am doing the animation of DR it's my own portrait but now with nice UVs and ready to BlendShape, is it ready at zbrush? mayb giving some more definition at the mouth and ears.
I will test the Plugin of Zbrush BlendShapes, it seems it's really cool, you just have to export into Maya and It's done, then do the controllers.

Wish you the best Spring ever


Bit per bit modifying the character I made, now with the new rig I made I can animate, but I have to change the mistakes I discovered doing the RIG this weekend. It is going to be ready soon.

Till I upload the last work for the master degree I give you these renders

Tell me what do you think about that!

Remember when...?

The first graphics I made doing pixel art were for this videogame on the bachelor degree, It was three years ago and I didn´t have so much time, but I finished one level full of enemies, It was selected into the University for the final Bachelor exhibition of 2008 two years before they let me get my Bachelor diploma. (Can you believe it? they were so impressed just with two sprites... hahaha)

I had another final Bachelor exhibition on 09 with the group of Eva Perandones and the videogame Cuckarts.

The last year of the Bachelor degree I was in HSLU enjoying the Erasmus and making Trolechaun, do you see something special into the video?

Pixel People

At same time I am doing the master in 3D, I have pixel-skin and wanted to do this, this is the first presentation for the people who I made a portrait!
These are some of them

Pixel Paul Robertson

Today I was a bit tired of 3D and I checked my images of pixel art, and I have to say Paul Robertson become an inspiration for me, so I was wondering, how it could be if the character of the video Kings of Power change into a cartoon of myself. So the Image is 95% Paul Robertson and 5% mine