Enviromental sketches

At same time I am studying rigging with Maya I am thinking about the scene of my character, These images are just a sketch about what I would like to do.

Rigging IK

Another work, but this one is a short timed one
one rig made in less than 1 hour just for learning IK solvers in Maya
Not a big deal

Render Faces

I am sorry cause I couldnt render the hair, the hair passes takes time. But now you can see our greycoluredthongue dragon rider face. Just for testing the face rig with rendering. It´s cool, right?

This week I learned to rig and make controllers for the joints of the bones, so this week we will start with skinning and animation, YUHU!

Blend Shapes :D :/ :( :) :O ;)

First, I want to share this with all of you

I made a really short test animation with the finished Rig of Dragon Rider, next will be making a setup with the entire model. I have to say: I like animation so sooo much more when the rig is good.
The controllers are not so fancy, but I had to run a bit making it.

The other new is... I am gonna publish soon in April a tutorial about Trolechaun logic bricks - Making a prototype of a videogame - Is gonna be called :D

Model from zero - bump map, fur and other stuff

I post the work I´ve made for a couple of weeks for the Master degree, now I have time to make the article I am preparing for Blender Art Magazine this week. yeah!

Hope you like it

Here the references

Angel Metal Sketch

Today I received a message from Sweetzerland from one guy was trying to send me some information and he couldn´t send it on my last adress. Nice memories, is going to be one year till I left this great country, some important things happened since I am here in Spain, this is one sketch I made after doing Angel Metal Armor, more than one year ago. I expect I became a bit better 3D artist.

Game JAM - the mammoth experience

This is an example of the graphics I made for the videogame on the Game Jam. For people who does not know about it, GJ is a global event where you have to make a videogame in 48 hours, there is a video available on Youtube and more info on my website Clic here

You can download it on http://www.globalgamejam.org/2011/last-migration-mammoth

When you make a game there is such more info not used, more than you used for the videogame! I didn´t believe this until we made the game.