Dragon Rider model

Here is the Dragon rider concept made in 3D, for people who does not remember it: DRAGON RIDER. This is the concept where I started, I made everything, now I just have to learn some Setup! and my model will move.

Umm, ok the hair is not in 3D yet, but yeah friends is real 3D almost.

Mecha Camel

Uploaded the new desing of Mecha-Camel v.002
The best design for crossing throught the dessert and being prepared with the most offensive weapons

Oh also remind you, I am upgrading my website where there is all my work

Spirit of Solvalou

Turntable of the Solvalou Spirit, the second desing I made for one videogame called Stardium but was discarded. Now I used it for the scene Hangar Elevator

Sketch book the 3rd

09/12/11>> One month ago I finished my third sketchbook and now I started the fourth, so I have selected some of these pieces to show on my portfolio, this was a sketch for a videogame idea on the line of LAZZA PAZZA would be great to create a videogame with these.


With this image I start the master degree with Maya, I would say: there is so much hope into this year 2011, the same hope we put into this spaceship ready for the Big Game
Who knows the name of the s-ship?