Smeet items

I know what you are thinking, but.. Yes, Smeet...

Time Crabs!

"I need a Time Crab for my next 8h jam" Tobias Wehrum wrote on his blog, and I am so happy to have been working with him in this mini project: TIME CRABS

You can play on this LINK

and you can see one image here

I can say, It looks quite the same as other Game Jam projects, but is really nice programmed! and I made the graphics for it, so I expect you to enjoy

ah! And thats a game PvP!!

This is Just the beginning

This is after.. months of work with my colleague David Cano the result of the firsts final renders wich are going to be used into the project we are working for.

We expected to post much earlier, but this is life... when client see is going to be very well made, wants to continue with you until the end of the days... this project lasted more than expected, it´s just the beginning.

But my people know I am studying german and 3Dmax these days... and they know what does it mean.

War Platypus

This is the War Platypus, Char design by Juan García
I tried to make a Platypus wich could be integrated into Metal Slug Games, so I used the same color Palette and studied the colour of Metal Slug scenes

Hope you like it :)

Run Olanigan RUN!

This is the gif I have been making on free time these two last weeks. At same time I am still working into the Odontologic 3D simulator and the last day we´ve got two scans: one from our model face and other from our model skull - Both are amazing quality. I will show as soon as I can.

The background is "inspired" on Paul Robertson´s Gifs. I hope he does not mind, He is my inspiration into these pixel art pieces I am making

Battle Goat

Pixel art - Battle Goat
aumentado por 3 para la reproducción

Hair crashes

Next to the final, when I made the hair system, then making some test, saving... The next day I changed some things of the hair and when I saved the scene I couldn´t open the file, this happens when I add some more follicles, when I change the rest position curves, if I change into maya renderer, (when I press any key of the computer). So I am thinking about getting back to the original concept and model the helmet or mayb I should continue with the hair of the character withouth any changes?

I desired It to be like this (see image above), but this version also crashed :(

So much time invested into this char...

A videogame in few logic bricks

With this title my tutorial about Trolechaun is published into Blender Art Magazine! you can find the tutorial into these pages and understand a little bit more about the structure of the videogame Trolechaun.
Con este título mi tutorial sobre Trolechaun es publicado en Blender Art Magazine! Puedes encontrar el tutorial que he hecho en esas páginas y entender un poco más acerca de la estructura del videojuego Trolechaun.

I´ve got published, and I am really pleased to BlenderArtMagz and the team of Barcelona!
Me han publicado y estoy agradecido a BlenderArtMagz y el equipo de Barcelona!

You can download the number 32 of BlenderArtMagazine here
Puedes descargar ya el número 32! aquí

O verla Online en español aquí

Cuadruped Rigged

Today I finished the Rigging of the horse, We have learnt the "Broken hierarchy rigging method" and also we used the reverse lock, you can find it with DT tutorials, we made it at the master degree to learn how to use them into our rigging workflow.

Now I have: Aracnid, Biped, Quadruped, Blend Shape ready to basic-RIG showreel.
also we learnt about hair this week but I was quite busy with the Horse.


This is one test playblast from the lipsync in Maya, sound and lips match but I had problems with QuickTime player with those, uploaded on youtube works perfectly

Enjoy the famous Miliki voice with my scan blendshapes and HeadRig, no texture

Meanwhile... Retopo

Next work while I am doing the animation of DR it's my own portrait but now with nice UVs and ready to BlendShape, is it ready at zbrush? mayb giving some more definition at the mouth and ears.
I will test the Plugin of Zbrush BlendShapes, it seems it's really cool, you just have to export into Maya and It's done, then do the controllers.

Wish you the best Spring ever


Bit per bit modifying the character I made, now with the new rig I made I can animate, but I have to change the mistakes I discovered doing the RIG this weekend. It is going to be ready soon.

Till I upload the last work for the master degree I give you these renders

Tell me what do you think about that!

Remember when...?

The first graphics I made doing pixel art were for this videogame on the bachelor degree, It was three years ago and I didn´t have so much time, but I finished one level full of enemies, It was selected into the University for the final Bachelor exhibition of 2008 two years before they let me get my Bachelor diploma. (Can you believe it? they were so impressed just with two sprites... hahaha)

I had another final Bachelor exhibition on 09 with the group of Eva Perandones and the videogame Cuckarts.

The last year of the Bachelor degree I was in HSLU enjoying the Erasmus and making Trolechaun, do you see something special into the video?

Pixel People

At same time I am doing the master in 3D, I have pixel-skin and wanted to do this, this is the first presentation for the people who I made a portrait!
These are some of them

Pixel Paul Robertson

Today I was a bit tired of 3D and I checked my images of pixel art, and I have to say Paul Robertson become an inspiration for me, so I was wondering, how it could be if the character of the video Kings of Power change into a cartoon of myself. So the Image is 95% Paul Robertson and 5% mine

Enviromental sketches

At same time I am studying rigging with Maya I am thinking about the scene of my character, These images are just a sketch about what I would like to do.

Rigging IK

Another work, but this one is a short timed one
one rig made in less than 1 hour just for learning IK solvers in Maya
Not a big deal

Render Faces

I am sorry cause I couldnt render the hair, the hair passes takes time. But now you can see our greycoluredthongue dragon rider face. Just for testing the face rig with rendering. It´s cool, right?

This week I learned to rig and make controllers for the joints of the bones, so this week we will start with skinning and animation, YUHU!

Blend Shapes :D :/ :( :) :O ;)

First, I want to share this with all of you

I made a really short test animation with the finished Rig of Dragon Rider, next will be making a setup with the entire model. I have to say: I like animation so sooo much more when the rig is good.
The controllers are not so fancy, but I had to run a bit making it.

The other new is... I am gonna publish soon in April a tutorial about Trolechaun logic bricks - Making a prototype of a videogame - Is gonna be called :D

Model from zero - bump map, fur and other stuff

I post the work I´ve made for a couple of weeks for the Master degree, now I have time to make the article I am preparing for Blender Art Magazine this week. yeah!

Hope you like it

Here the references

Angel Metal Sketch

Today I received a message from Sweetzerland from one guy was trying to send me some information and he couldn´t send it on my last adress. Nice memories, is going to be one year till I left this great country, some important things happened since I am here in Spain, this is one sketch I made after doing Angel Metal Armor, more than one year ago. I expect I became a bit better 3D artist.

Game JAM - the mammoth experience

This is an example of the graphics I made for the videogame on the Game Jam. For people who does not know about it, GJ is a global event where you have to make a videogame in 48 hours, there is a video available on Youtube and more info on my website Clic here

You can download it on

When you make a game there is such more info not used, more than you used for the videogame! I didn´t believe this until we made the game.

Dragon Rider model

Here is the Dragon rider concept made in 3D, for people who does not remember it: DRAGON RIDER. This is the concept where I started, I made everything, now I just have to learn some Setup! and my model will move.

Umm, ok the hair is not in 3D yet, but yeah friends is real 3D almost.

Mecha Camel

Uploaded the new desing of Mecha-Camel v.002
The best design for crossing throught the dessert and being prepared with the most offensive weapons

Oh also remind you, I am upgrading my website where there is all my work

Spirit of Solvalou

Turntable of the Solvalou Spirit, the second desing I made for one videogame called Stardium but was discarded. Now I used it for the scene Hangar Elevator

Sketch book the 3rd

09/12/11>> One month ago I finished my third sketchbook and now I started the fourth, so I have selected some of these pieces to show on my portfolio, this was a sketch for a videogame idea on the line of LAZZA PAZZA would be great to create a videogame with these.


With this image I start the master degree with Maya, I would say: there is so much hope into this year 2011, the same hope we put into this spaceship ready for the Big Game
Who knows the name of the s-ship?