3D printing works

3D printing is going better than I thought, 
I can handle quite well some range of objects and Here are some designs I made.

There is my blog in spanish about 3D printing

And I got some companies interest about my activities,
so that means I am doing it right!

Realtime and Realspace

So I started a new blog, called Printed Parts because I became 3D printer with a PrusaI3, so I don't spam this blog with technical, just visual work. You can access there, I started printing a few days ago, it is exciting!

Hamusutaman enviroment, props - Eggplant chest


Hamusutaman 2 prop for enviroment - Low poly eggplant cucumber - A bit higher in polys: 842 Handpaint texture, non simetric texture. It could be even more compressed texture, I know. This is the chest for Hamusutaman treasures based in Eggplant recipes.

Hamusutaman 2 Enemy - Little squid

Enemy for Hamusutaman 2. triangles 596, low poly hand painted, non simetric. At hamusutaman1 there was this little fellow trying to eat hamusutaman, he is in Hamusutaman2 as well but with better texture and model art.

Hamusutaman2 assets; Cucumber Club

Weapon asset for Hamusutaman 2 - Cucumber Club, a weapon made from hardened cucumber with stone crystals. Low poly 426 tris. Handpainted

Hamusutaman2 assets: Mystical Onion Recipe book

This is one asset for Hamusutaman2 - The Onion Recipe Book, a mystical book of onion recipes from old times.
Low poly 500 tris - Handpainted


Vi, the Piltover enforcer before the incident. I liked this character so much I made a zbrush.
"Vi's attitude changed when a raid on a mining facility went bad. She was forced to decide between fleeing with her crew and trying to save the innocent mine workers from a collapsed tunnel"

Vi is a character from League of Legends and I got the concept art by Zeronis, who make amazing stuff.